Core Values

A-G-R-I-C is the acronym for our Core Values which serve as a guide in our decision making. We are guided by these values on daily basis in our quest to deliver differentiated customer experience and build the best Bank for our stakeholders.

  1. A – Agribusiness – We are a Bank of the farmers and so Agribusiness remains at the top of our business decisions.
  2. G – Good Governance – We maintain high standards of Good Corporate Governance and comply with the regulatory requirements in the country
  3. R – Respect – We accord maximum level of respect to all our stakeholders. As we want to be treated so shall we treat others.
  4. I – Integrity – We will approach our task with the highest level of integrity, honesty and utmost ethical standards. 
  5. C – Confidentiality – As a community bank, our existence largely depends on our ability to protect and guard our customers’ sensitive information. We embrace a zero tolerance for any breach of confidentiality.