Corporate Information

BESSFA Rural Bank Ltd was established in November, 1983. The name “BESSFA” is an abbreviation that stands for “Bawku East Small-Scale Farmers Association”. The Bank’s initial capital was contributed by farmer groups with support from the Presbyterian Agricultural Station – Garu under the leadership of Mr. John Opata (late).

With presence in the Upper East and the North East Regions of Ghana, the Bank has been providing customers with fast, convenient and differentiated service for over three decades. We are dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and as such we leverage technology and introduce digital channels that provide clients with stress-free and 24/7 access to financial solutions across the country.

We have a Board with expertise that cut across relevant discipline at the top of our governance structure. The Board placed significant emphasis on good corporate governance and respect for the relevant laws regulating the operations of the Bank.

In line with the Bank’s vision, mission and corporate values, our employees are fully committed to providing exceptional service knowing very well that customers have several options within the market space.

This makes us more resilient and adaptable to changing needs of our clients and the community thus making us the best destination for all your financial solutions.